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Career Crisis? Downsizing? Redundancy? Restructuring? Can’t Find Work? Jobs Under Threat? Job Losses?

Sorry – We have to let you go!

Outplacement?  Career Frustration? What Job? What Career? Leaving Work? New Career?

Over 40 and can’t get a job. Recruitment Agencies are not interested.

Graduate seeking work. Applied for hundreds of jobs with no result.

All these are symptoms of problems found in a crucial part of your life – work, finding it, managing a career, overcoming  job loss. ambition, moving upwards, improving your working life.

Research tells us that, unlike previous generations, these days on average, most individuals will change their job or occupation six times or more, being forced to by redundancy or company failure on at least three occasions – and few are prepared for this to happen, few have the skills to recover quickly and make a good career move.

Companies and Public Bodies have to make hard decisions in a cruel economic climate, and these often result in layoffs which affect people’s lives. Have you been affected?

How to turn unemployment into an advantageFind out how career coaching can help youRead what our clients have to say about our coaching